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Embraced by passion

The refined and innovative Ladybird collection faithfully reflects Blancpain's timeless values. Finished exclusively with mechanical movements decorated and assembled by hand, these watches offer a perfect blend of elegance and horological complexity.


Far from being merely reduced-sized or adapted versions of men’s watches, Ladybird timepieces are specifically developed to meet the wishes and expectations of contemporary women. Watchmaking know-how and cutting-edge technologies are thus devoted to the cause of beauty.


Blancpain, watchmaker to women

From 1930 onwards, Blancpain played a pioneering role in the history of feminine watches by presenting the first self-winding wristwatch for women, the Rolls. In 1956, the Brand unveiled the Ladybird model, which was equipped with the smallest round movement of the time. Convinced that women appreciate the expertise and magic of mechanical watches, the Maison constantly innovates by creating movements dedicated to women, notably endowed with horological complications previously reserved for men.

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Blancpain's epic saga of feminine watches cannot be separated from the determination of a woman, Betty Fiechter, who became the first female to head a watchmaking company in 1933. Her intelligence and visionary spirit paved the way for jewelry watches at Blancpain and furthered the Brand’s international reputation.