The Servicing by Blancpain

When a watch arrives at the Blancpain service centre, it is registered and, thanks to its serial number, we analyse its history and previous servicing record. Photographs are taken to serve as a record of the state in which it arrived. The watch is then entrusted to a watchmaker who carries out a full inspection, including an evaluation of accuracy and functions. This diagnosis serves as the basis for preparing an estimation of the servicing required. Similarly, the state of the case, dial, hands and bracelet/strap is assessed. The diagnostic report includes options for the polishing and the replacement of aesthetic elements. If the movement has seen improvements thanks to Blancpain’s research and development, the integration of the new technologies is proposed to the client.

Blancpain After Sales service

On the owner’s approval, the watch is completely dismantled and all the components are placed on specially designed trays for cleaning. Worn or outdated components are replaced. The watch is then reassembled and oiled. All its functions are checked in order to guarantee that they are in perfect running order. The quality control checks are the final step in the service. We check the watch’s water-resistance by means of a test under vacuum. For divers’ watches, a second water-resistance test is carried out.

The watch then undergoes a new test of all its functions and its accuracy over a period lasting up to 12 days, depending on the model’s power reserve. Once all the checks have been passed, the watch is ready to be returned to the boutique or accredited dealer for the restoration to its owner.

Fifty Fathoms boitier étanchéité Blancpain

Behind the scene of the Customer Service