Our Commitment

L'engagement de Blancpain

A Blancpain watch is designed to last and is passed on from generation to generation. However, to guarantee irreproachable functioning over the years, periodical servicing is necessary. We are committed to providing owners across the world with a service level of very high quality. When maintenance is required, you need only turn to the nearest Blancpain boutique or accredited dealer. In the event of difficulty in depositing your watch in person, the boutique or accredited dealer can, if necessary, arrange for the despatch of the timepiece. Once it has arrived at the Blancpain service centre, it is subjected to a full inspection and the report is sent to the owner. The options and their possible costings, presented in the form of estimations, are submitted for the client’s approval. Once the service has been completed, the watch is sent back to the boutique or dealer, who restores it to its owner.

Blancpain notre engagement tourbillon

Quality control checks are a vital final step that is an integral part of any Blancpain servicing. Before a watch is restored to its owner, it is subjected to a series of strictly defined checks, including a water-resistance test, a revalidation of all the functions and a running test lasting up to 12 days, depending on the autonomy guaranteed for the timepiece.