Daily Maintenance

Blancpain - Montre - entretenir son garde-temps

Taking care of your watch

The creation of a Blancpain watch involves a great deal of know-how and considerable attention to detail. For their part, it is important that owners adhere to the following recommendations to ensure that their watches retain their accuracy, reliability and perfect working order. It is on this condition that a Blancpain timepiece can be handed down from generation to generation.


  • Please carefully read the instructions for use and follow the guidelines on use, adjustment of the functions and maintenance.
  • Have the water-resistance regularly checked by an accredited watchmaker. Water-resistance can be affected by an accidental shock.
  • Manually wound watches should be wound once a day, preferably in the morning. If the watch is automatic and is not regularly worn, it is recommended that it be wound once per month. For the winding operation, it is advisable to remove the watch from the wrist in order to facilitate manipulation of the crown.
  • Take care not to expose your watch to extremes of temperature.


L’entretien au quotidien - Blancpain- Montres
Blancpain - Montre - entretienir son garde-temps
  • Protect your watch from impacts and shocks. In the event of a shock, have the watch checked by an accredited watchmaker.
  • As far as possible, avoid wearing your watch during activities likely to subject it to intense or repeated vibrations.
  • Keep in mind that exposing your watch to magnetic fields can affect its running, even though, with its silicon balance-springs, Blancpain has managed to limit the effects of magnetism.
  • Ensure that the crown and all the push-pieces are in their initial positions in order to guarantee water-resistance. For models with screw-down push-pieces, screw them back into place after manipulation.