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Awards 2021

Ocean Photography Awards

The Ocean Photography Awards have a simple mission: to communicate the beauty of the ocean, as well as the perils it faces. The Awards are inclusive, open to all photographers, and are a celebration of the talent and commitment of the ocean photography community around the world.
The Awards are a platform through which ocean artistry is shared with millions – art that puts the ocean centre stage in people’s hearts and minds.

Introducing the Ocean Photographer of the Year

The Ocean Photographer of the Year prize is awarded to the single most compelling and/or beautiful image submitted throughout the competition; a photograph that connects emotionally with the judges in a way that no other submission does.


Aimee Jan

Exmouth Gulf, Australia

A green turtle, surrounded by glass fish. "I was out snorkelling when one of my colleagues told me there was a turtle under a ledge in a school of glass fish, about 10 metres down," says photographer Aimee Jan. "When I dived down to look, the fish separated around the turtle perfectly. I said to her: ‘I think I just took the best photo I have ever taken."

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Aimee jan

Introducing the Female Fifty Fathoms Award

The 2021 programme of the Ocean Photography Awards has been enhanced by a great new addition with the introduction of a complementary category in the form of the Female Fifty Fathoms Award, a prize introduced and awarded by Blancpain.
Through the Female Fifty Fathoms Award, together with the competition organisers, Blancpain wishes to encourage women to share their perspective on the underwater world while promoting their involvement in the realms of diving, ocean photography and raising awareness of the ocean cause in order to inspire future generations.


Renee Capozzola

Mo'orea, French Polynesia

A lone blacktip reef shark lines up its dorsal fin with the setting sun in Moorea, French Polynesia. "This over-under image was achieved by using a wide-angle lens, a large dome port and strobe flash to illuminate the underwater portion of the picture," says photographer Renee Capozzola. "Sharks are plentiful in French Polynesia due to their strong legal protections and are a sign of a healthy marine ecosystem."

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Renee Capozzola

The Prize

A blue Fifty Fathoms diver's watch whose case bears the number 1 and is engraved with the inscription "FFF Award 2021".

Fifty Fathoms


The winner of the Female Fifty Fathoms Award received the first piece of a new model from Blancpain's Fifty Fathoms collection.


Fifty Fathoms


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