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Blancpain Ocean Commitment
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Blancpain Ocean Commitment

The Blancpain Ocean Commitment pays homage to our Brand's significant historical links with the ocean,
having launched the world's first modern diving watch, the Fifty Fathoms, in 1953.

This milestone moment in Blancpain's near 300-year history marked the starting point of our collaborations with the ocean community, which have typified the 70 years since, as has our support for ocean conservation initiatives.

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Exploration and preservation of the world’s oceans is core to Blancpain. With its 70-year legacy of the Fifty Fathoms diving watch, the Brand has woven close ties with the explorers, photographers, scientists, and environmentalists who treasure this precious resource. With that affinity has come a determination to support important activities and initiatives dedicated to the oceans. Thus was born the Blancpain Ocean Commitment (BOC).
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At the heart of the Ocean Commitment is Blancpain’s determination to make a difference by backing important activities dedicated to the ocean. For the past several years, the Blancpain Ocean Commitment has partnered with leading organisations and inspiring individuals, centering its efforts on three axes: raising awareness on the beauty of the ocean, contributing to scientific research, and implementing efficient ocean conservation measures.
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As part of its Ocean Commitment, Blancpain has made major contributions to multiple exploratory expeditions, including Laurent Ballesta's Gombessa expeditions, the National Geographic Society's Pristine Seas expeditions 2011-2016, and Oceana's Scorpion Reef project.
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The Gombessa Expeditions © Laurent Ballesta
The Gombessa Expeditions
Laurent Ballesta
Laurent Ballesta is a French marine scientist, distinguished underwater photographer, and a pioneer in the use of new diving equipment, who has authored 13 photography books on underwater wildlife. As co-founder of Andromède Océanologie, he has been leading major expeditions for 10 years, including the Gombessa missions, supported by Blancpain as part of its Ocean Commitment since the very start in 2012. The Brand's contribution has enabled him to capitalise on his talents to advance the public’s comprehension of hitherto inaccessible and dimly understood undersea ecosystems. The Gombessa project has already given rise to six major expeditions.
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Gombessa 4 Expeditions © Laurent Ballesta
Project Alacranes Expedition
In 2020, Blancpain announced its association with Oceana, the largest international organisation dedicated solely to ocean conservation. As part of the partnership, the two entities launched the Project Alacranes Expedition to explore the depths of two areas, which contain some of the greatest marine wealth in the Gulf of Mexico. For 15 days, the expedition travelled through Arrecife Alacranes National Park (Scorpion Reef in English), including an area called Bajos del Norte to document the health of their biodiversity and investigate the secrets of the reefs that, due to their distance from the coast, remain almost intact from the effects of human activities.
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Blancpain Ocean Commitment © Laurent Ballesta
Adopt the Blue TM
Together, Blancpain and PADI are working with local communities across the globe to expedite the establishment of MPAs. At the heart of the multi-year, multi-million-dollar initiative is the flagship citizen science program, Adopt the Blue TM in which 6,600 registered PADI dive centers and resorts are activated to develop the largest network of marine protected areas on the planet, enabling millions of PADI recreational divers to proactively engage in marine conservation at every opportunity.
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Pangatalan Island © Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation
The Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation
Sea Academy: a participatory ocean conservation and restoration project
The Sea Academy project focuses on the development of a human scale ocean restoration model around Pangatalan Island and Shark Fin Bay in the Philippines. Through this initiative, Blancpain and the Sulubaaï Foundation are contributing to the creation of a collaborative model of marine protected areas, the management and conservation of which is directly undertaken by local communities. The model has the advantage of fostering the development of sustainable management with a positive and direct impact on both the environment and these communities.
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Christian Miller
Preserving the Great Barrier Reef
Blancpain supports Biopixel's activities in two ways: scientific research to learn more about certain species and impact conservation decisions; and production of a series of films focusing on personalities who dedicate their lives to protecting and saving the Great Barrier Reef. Through science, innovative technology and sustainable practices of projects including coral restoration, habitat management, animal rehabilitation and megafauna research, this multi-disciplinary project stems from Biopixel’s close collaboration with Blancpain, Australian authorities and universities, as well as local communities such as the traditional owners who have held deep cultural ties with the Great Barrier Reef for centuries.
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© 2015 Manu San Felix, Pristine Seas seychelles
Helping protect 4.7 million km2 of ocean
Blancpain has been the founding partner of the Pristine Seas Expeditions. Dedicated to exploring and protecting the precious few remaining truly unspoiled, wild ocean areas on Earth, Pristine Seas has completed 14 major scientific expeditions with Blancpain's support. Marine Protected Areas totalling more than 4.7 million km2 have been established in 12 of these regions.
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Unveiled in 1953, the legendary Fifty Fathoms - the world's first modern diving watch - embodies Blancpain's passion for the underwater world.
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