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Blancpain is delighted to present the new Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Phases de Lune, now fitted with an elaborately designed and patented black ceramic bracelet and a case made from the same material. With an assertive, sporty yet supremely elegant style, this model features a dial in vibrant shades of sunray-brushed blue.

Blancpain Manufacturing Ceramic _22_RVB





Cutting-edge ceramic technology takes the Bathyscaphe line into a new dimension. The unique properties of ceramic make it an ideal material for this versatile line, which introduces a high-tech ceramic bracelet for the first time.

Durable, highly scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic, this material is nearly five times harder than stainless steel, yet is 25% lighter.

In stark contrast to the black ceramic, the dial of the new complete calender and moon-phase model is adorned with an elegant shade of blue.

Its subtle gradient combined with a sunray finish really brings the dial to life, imbuing it with a personality that changes with the light. Exuding sophistication, it adds depth while providing great luminosity that catches the eye.


Available with a choice of bracelets or straps ranging from ceramic to NATO and sailcloth, the new Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Phases de Lune brings power, colour and dynamism to the Bathyscaphe line.