Villeret Métiers d'Art Binchōtan


Through its Métiers d’Art collection, Blancpain continually innovates by combining the expertise of its artisans with a range of ancestral decorative techniques rarely seen in watchmaking. This year, the Manufacture is presenting its first dials featuring Binchōtan, a charcoal made from Ubamegashi oak in the Kishu region of Japan.

Binchōtan is a Japanese charcoal made using traditional methods dating back over 400 years. Its remarkable quality lies essentially in its density, resulting from the slow combustion of Ubamegashi (Holm oak) in a clay oven heated to temperatures ranging from 1000 to 1300 degrees Celsius. The swift firing process, followed by rapid cooling, reduces the tree’s bark to ashes before yielding a smooth surface boasting a hardness comparable to that of steel.

The new Villeret Métiers d'Art Binchōtan watches testify to Blancpain’s creativity and highlight its watchmaking expertise. These one-of-a-kind models come in a 42 mm red gold double stepped case housing the 13R3A caliber, visible through the sapphire crystal case back and ensuring an eight-day power reserve displayed on the bridge side.

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