Free-diving in Zurich with Gianluca Genoni

As a tribute to Blancpain’s close connection to the diving world over the past 65 years, the Manufacture recently hosted a static apnoea event with the presence of Gianluca Genoni, renowned champion in this sports discipline and friend of the brand. Held at a prestigious location in Zurich, this exclusive gathering was reserved for a dozen VIP clients, all sharing a great passion for the Fifty Fathoms collection.

The occasion began with a presentation on the mental, muscular, and breathing techniques, for use in optimizing their performance as they prepared for the diving session. With their Fifty Fathoms watches on their wrists, guests then followed the expert advice provided by Genoni – holder of 15 free-diving records, including a 160-metre dive –while attentively keeping an eye on the time spent underwater. Pleasantly surprised by their own progress after a few attempts, the attendees were able to stay under water for several minutes without any discomfort.

Following this diving challenge, Blancpain’s Brand Manager for Switzerland familiarized guests with the numerous projects and expeditions actively supported by the Manufacture over the past 15 years, as part of the Blancpain Ocean Commitment initiative, aiming to explore and protect the oceans. As a strong advocate of the marine world, Gianluca Genoni then took the opportunity to reminisce on his joining Blancpain's close circle of friends in 2007 in order to advance the brand's cause and long-term vision, to which he is very devoted. 

Gianluca Genoni - Zurich - Blancpain Event
Gianluca Genoni - Zurich - Blancpain Event
Gianluca Genoni - Zurich - Blancpain Event
Gianluca Genoni - Zurich - Blancpain Event with Jorgen Eldevik
Gianluca Genoni In Zurich - Blancpain