Blancpain Ocean Commitment, Sydney stop

During his speech, Alain Delamuraz spoke of the links that unite Blancpain with the world of the sea and its long term activities based on three pillars:- Raising public awareness of the underwater world- Taking part in scientific research projects - Contributing to the protection of the oceans through the creation of marine reserves
Laurent Ballesta spoke of his encounter with the coelacanth (regarded as testimony to fish exiting the water 370 million years ago) 120 meters under the sea and his 24-hour dive at Fakarava to study the mysterious call of the Pacific grouper. On his way to the Antarctic, Laurent is going to dive under the ice within the framework of the Gombessa III expedition, in order to study this little-known ecosystem for the first time. Visitors to the website can navigate through areas dedicated to history, science and exploration. The historical section covers 60 years of modern scuba diving and the development of the Fifty Fathoms watches. Indeed, Blancpain’s longstanding ties with diving date back to 1953, when the Manufacture developed the first modern diver’s watch: the Fifty Fathoms. Used both by the armed forces and diving pioneers, this piece, now an icon, defined the standards of modern diver’s watches. These historical ties are now reflected in the determination to protect the fascinating underwater world and to raise awareness of it among the largest possible number of people. In order to achieve this, Blancpain has for a number of years been providing considerable financial support to major scientific expeditions such as the National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Expeditions and Laurent Ballesta’s Gombessa Project. A total of 11 Pristine Seas Expeditions have been undertaken with Blancpain’s backing. Governmental decisions to protect more than 2.5 million square kilometers of ocean reward this sustained effort with regard to the Pristine Seas Expeditions.Through exclusive photographs, the science and environment area explains the work of the National Geographic Pristine Seas Expeditions and Laurent Ballesta’s Gombessa project, as well as presenting other partnerships sustained by Blancpain. The art section consists of breathtaking images taken by some of the best underwater photographers in the world and published in the Fifty Fathoms Editions. And to further reinforce its commitment, Blancpain has launched the Ocean Commitment Bathyscaphe Chronograph. This limited edition diving watch is exhibited amongst other Fifty Fathoms watches. Issued in a 250-piece edition, the Ocean Commitment Bathyscaphe Chronograph is equipped with a new chronograph movement from the Manufacture beating at 36,000 vibrations per hour and featuring a gray ceramic case with blue bezel and dial. A sum of EUR 1000 per watch will be donated to support scientific expeditions. The EUR 250,000 thus raised will be added to Blancpain’s contributions. 

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