Blancpain debuted its Ocean Commitment Tour exhibition in China and launched the Mobile Ocean Library

Blancpain has developed a firm belief in the practice of raising awareness, transmitting passion, and helping protect the ocean. The Manufacture has been dedicated to promoting many environmental initiatives to protect the ocean under the name of Blancpain Ocean Commitment, striving to boost the public’s concerns, understanding, love and protection of the ocean. The exhibition, which was first introduced at Baselworld early this year, started from Beijing with the latest updates of many leading projects, such as the Pristine Seas Expeditions of National Geographic, the Gombessa Project, and the World Ocean Summit. Meanwhile, this press conference also marked the official launch of Mobile Ocean Library in China. In promoting this pilot project of raising ocean awareness, Blancpain would collaborate with the Publicity and Education Center of the State Administration to establish the very first public ocean library at Huafeng Primary School in Shenhu Town in the city of Jinjiang, Fujian province. It invited the participants to practice what they preach through donating books on the ocean, which would later tour with the exhibition to transmit the natural beauty of the ocean. Blancpain would henceforth be committed to actively exploring and practicing the promotion models of ocean awareness, hoping to establish more public education facilities and paths for effectively transmitting ocean awareness. The press conference was hosted by Blancpain culture ambassador Mr. Leung Mantao, and attended by Blancpain Vice President and Head of Marketing Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain Vice President and Head of Sales Marc Junod, Vice President of Blancpain China Mr. Liao Yu, the Director of the Publicity and Education Center of the State Oceanic Administration Mr. Gai Guangsheng, as well as General Manager of Beijing Oriental Plaza Co., Ltd. Mr. Jiang Lingfeng.

Blancpain Vice President and Head of Marketing Alain Delamuraz said that Blancpain had been focusing on long-term projects rather than short-lived and temporary ones in oceanic environmental actions. Whether it be the Ocean Commitment tour exhibition together with the donated books on the ocean, or the first public ocean library to be completed by the end of this year, they are both meant to find out a way of communication with the public, especially the youth in order to transmit the beauty of the ocean. Ocean awareness could never be achieved in a day. We shall start now. This is an import step for Blancpain to shift from the area of watchmaking expertise to the public.

Now the exhibition will travel around China to show to the public the beauty of the ocean and the different aspects of the Blancpain Ocean Commitment as well as the Fifty Fathoms Collection and their diving watches.

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