Blancpain announces two Michelin star chef Dani Garcia as a new friend of the brand

The links between Blancpain, the art of living and fine dining spring from the deeply held conviction that there is a close bond between these worlds and traditional watchmaking. Each of these domains is indeed based on the essential common values including the pursuit of excellence, passionate enthusiasm, expertise, sureness of touch and meticulous craftwork. It is therefore very natural for Blancpain to nurture special relationships with the greatest multi-starred chefs. For all these reasons, Blancpain is proud to share these values with the Michelin-starred chef Dani Garcia, a leading figure in Spanish gastronomy who now exercises his art with his new Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph strapped to his wrist.

About Garcia's career:

After training at the Malaga Catering School, Dani Garcia served his apprenticeship in the restaurant of Martín Berasategui. He then went on in 1998 to open Tragabuches, his first restaurant, in Ronda, which earned him his first Michelin star just two years afterwards. One of Spain’s top chefs and currently considered the most internationally recognized Andalusian chef, he was one of the first to use liquid nitrogen in the kitchen, along with Ferrán Adriá. This won him the Technical Award of the Year in 2005, along with Raimundo García del Moral (a professor at the University of Granada), for his collective work in the development of cooking techniques using liquid nitrogen and Gellan gum. In 2014, this professional path led him to open two new restaurants in the Puento Romano Beach Report & Spa, Marbella. One is the Dani García Restaurante which, in addition to securing ratification of the two Michelin stars acquired in his previous restaurant, Calima, was also awarded three Repsol Guide suns. This restaurant is a Relais & Chateau establishment. The other is the BiBo, which he himself defines as “the democratization of haute cuisine”. It involves a more informal concept that has also been picked up at another eponymous restaurant opened in August 2016 at number 52 Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid. This culinary approach, featuring an original mix of contrasts that combines traditional flavors of Andalusian gastronomy with cold, heat, nitrogen, broths, reductions, textures and techniques, highlights the chef’s great creativity with regards to haute cuisine.

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