Bathyscaphe Mokarran Limited Edition: a special watch dedicated to protecting the great hammerhead shark

With the creation of the emblematic Fifty Fathoms diver's watch in the early 1950s, Blancpain played a leading role in the discovery of the splendours of the underwater world. Since then, the House has been actively committed to the exploration and protection of the oceans. The most recent initiative supported by its Blancpain Ocean Commitment (BOC) program is devoted to the study of the great hammerhead shark in French Polynesia. As a continuation of this project, Blancpain is now dedicating a diver's watch issued in a 50-piece special series – the Bathyscaphe Mokarran Limited Edition – to this majestic predator. This model will be available exclusively in Blancpain boutiques in New York and Las Vegas, USA. Each customer acquiring one of these timepieces will be joining Blancpain in supporting the Mokarran Protection Society to the tune of $1,000. A total of $50,000 will be added to the brand's regular contributions to promoting, respecting and protecting the fascinating world of the oceans.

Marc A. Hayek, Antonin Guilbert, Jean-Louis Jacquelle
Great hammerhead shark©Thomas Pavy
Blancpain Bathyscaphe Mokarran - 5005 0153 NABA wood
Blancpain Bathyscaphe Mokarran - 5005 0153 NABA diving equipment
Blancpain Bathyscaphe Mokarran - 5005 0153 NABA front