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07.05.2012 / Raceweekends

Zandvoort | Results and reactions


Just like at the first racing weekend, both driver were affected by the Balance of Performance (BoP) classification of the car. The FIA (International Automobile Federation) intends to balance the performance of the cars of different manufacturers with technical measures. As a consequence, the Lamborghini Gallardo did not have enough air intake, resulting in a considerable loss of power and less top speed. Under these conditions the team did not have any realistic chances at winning. Marc A. Hayek and Peter Kox secured start positions 36 and 12 for the first and the second race.

Peter Kox and Marc A. Hayek discussing and exchanging impressions on the car's performance.

The Swiss could not see the starting lights in front of the last turn at the flying start of the first race. As a result he started off late and lost places. After this he was stuck behind Jan Stovicek’s Mercedes Benz. At the driver change he handed the Gallardo over to Peter Kox in P32.

The Lamborghini Gallardo LP600+ on track in Zandvoort.

Peter Kox took over, re-joining the race in P30. He started to push and was awarded with P20 and 12 championship points for Marc A. Hayek at the end of the race.

Starting the second race on Sunday from the sixth row, Peter Kox was stuck in the group headed by his fellow countryman Frankenhout up to the mandatory pit stop. Kox in the Lamborghini did not really have a chance of overtaking the driver in front of him.

The switch of drivers, a very important moment where you can win precious seconds.

He handed the car over to Marc A. Hayek without problems, even gaining two places during the stop. Shortly after, Toni Seiler, who also competes in the amateur class, crashed into his right side damaging the tyre of Marc A. Hayek’s LP600+. At the same time the car spun into the opposite direction. Consequently, it was not able to get back on track until almost the entire grid had passed. He managed to drive to the pit where his team changed the damaged tyre. Having lost a few places Marc A. Hayek continued his stint. However, he finished seventh in the amateur class scoring six points.

Marc A. Hayek:

This track is very demanding and it is great fun to drive here. Even though we have a good set-up we are not really able to fight because our car does not have enough power and top speed due to the BoP. I had some difficulties at the start of the race on Saturday because I could not see the starting lights. I started a little too late and lost a few places. I handed the car over to Peter (Kox) in P32 and managed to finish in P20 despite the difficult conditions. I had a good feeling with the car on Sunday and performed really well after I had taken over the car. Unfortunately, Toni Seiler crashed into my right rear side during the yellow phase, forcing me to go to the pit for a tyre change.

Peter Kox:

The car is great but this is pretty useless because we still do not have enough power and top speed. I do not want to complain anymore, we just have to try to make the best of the situation. It still feels like tilting at windmills, it is very frustrating. I tried my best in the race on Saturday and gained a few places. On Sunday I was stuck in a group and did not want to take a risk getting out of there. In the yellow phase, Marc (A. Hayek) was hit and spun. After that we did not really have any chances anymore.

Hans Reiter, Team Principal:

We are still not competitive. We have too many disadvantages due to the BoP classification, we do not have enough power and top speed. We are lacking 10 km/h (6.2 mph) in top speed. As a result it is impossible for us to overtake anyone. Conversely, it is easier for slower cars to overtake us. Both driver could have reached a great result on Sunday. However, Marc (A. Hayek) spun after Toni Seiler had crashed into him. However, I do not think that Toni did this on purpose and he has already apologised.