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14.04.2012 / Raceweekends

Monza | A Lamborghini day for G. Genoni


A Blancpain Race Weekend is so much more than a simple motorsport event, it is a complete experience which brings together guests from many different horizons celebrating alltogether the thrill of racing.

In Monza this year, our Ambassador Gianluca Genoni - Apnea diver and multiple world records holder - had the opportunity to live the dream of driving a roaring Lamborghini on the race track for a couple of laps. Miles away from his usual activities, the "Incredibile Geno" had to face new challenges but seemed very quickly at his ease behind the wheel. Should we expect a possible career shift? Probably not, but the experience definitly pleased him.

Gianluca Genoni carefully signing the mandatory papers to enter the race track.

Gianluca Genoni about to board the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Gianluca Genoni sharing his first impressions. 

The smile of our happy ambassador Gianluca Genoni after a day he will remember for a long time.