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28.10.2013 / Raceweekends

Super Trofeo Asia | Round 5 - Shanghai, China


Gentlemen drivers returned to China this weekend for the second time in this year’s Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia Series. The Shanghai International Circuit was packed with excitement as Italian luxury super sports car maker Automobili Lamborghini, together with Swiss Haute Horlogerie manufacturer Blancpain, brought the 5th round of this ultimate lifestyle experience to Shanghai, China.

 Gentlemen Drivers Set off for the Fifth Round of the Super Trofeo Asia Series 2013

Over the course of this year, new elements have entered into the Super Trofeo Asia Series to present a racing championship more dynamic than ever. While South Korea made its debut as host for the Super Trofeo, the scope of gentlemen drivers expanded with the first ever participants from India, Korea and Sri Lanka. Moreover, from Japan and Indonesia came this series’ first ever female contestants, who joined others this season to enjoy the uncompromising power and aerodynamic innovation of the Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo 2013.

The first round of this year’s Super Trofeo took place 5 months ago in May, also at the Shanghai International Circuit, where first place victories were grasped by Chinese drivers Jiang Xin, Xu Peng Kai and Zhang Zhen Dong. Considerable experience gained from the 3 ensuing rounds in Malaysia, Korea and Japan brought a promising outlook for Chinese drivers as they returned to familiar territory in round 5. As the last stop this season before the grand final in Macau, pleasure was evidently mixed with a high dose of competitiveness as gentlemen drivers gathered from across Asia to set their sights on victory this weekend.

Speaking on behalf of Automobili Lamborghini, Cristiano Inverni, Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia Series Coordinator, said: “Lamborghini has this year enjoyed a lineup of world renowned race tracks in Sepang in Malaysia, Inje in Korea and Fuji in Japan. We’re here for the second time in China to not only bring more extraordinary driving opportunities to the magnificent and world class Shanghai International Circuit, but to demonstrate the sincere importance, on a global outlook, of Lamborghini’s continued commitment to the China market”.

A warm Shanghai autumn welcomed gentlemen drivers as they competed in the qualifying rounds and filled the circuit for the second time this season with the enraged roar of Lamborghini. Successfully claiming pole position was Johnson Yaptonaga and Manabu Orido (#63) of Indonesia and Japan respectively, whose admirable performance on this dynamic track put them ahead of their competitors for the races to come.

 Teams Line up in the Pit Lane Just Before the Race

In race 1 on Saturday, group A’s Jiang Xin and Max Wiser (#9) - enjoying home support and passionate cheers from the crowd - won their third victory this season. A thriving performance from Dilantha Malagamuwa and Zen Low (#69) of Sri Lanka and Malaysia respectively was justly rewarded as the duo came in for second place, finishing ahead of Taiwan’s Han Lin and Hanss Lin (#36) who came in third. In Group B, Kim Tack Sung (#82) from South Korea won his first ever Super Trofeo victory, bringing the crowd a stunning display of showmanship in this first race. In second place, showing more impressive skills from Chinese drivers was Zheng Ting and Steven Lin (#66), who firmly held their positioning ahead of George Chou and Ida Masahiko (#24) of Taiwan and Japan respectively, who finished in third.

Team Number #69 Exchange Drivers 

In Race 2 on Sunday, a successive win in Group A was grasped with the uncompromising skills and performance of Jiang Xin and Max Wiser (#9), marking their 10th consecutive podium finish this season. In second place were Dilantha Malagamuwa and Zen Low (#69), who took their second climb to the podium at this stop, holding their position yet again ahead of Han Lin and Hanss Lin (#36), who enjoyed their 6th podium finish this season.

Car Number 2 in Hot Pursuit of Car Number 69 at Shanghai International Circuit

In Group B, local team Zheng Ting and Steven Lin (#66) brought further emotional excitement to the home cheering crowd as they raced in for first place. In second, making his debut to the podium was Hong Kong’s Smart Tse (#16), while George Chou and Ida Masahiko (#24) enjoyed another successful race as they finished in third place for the second time this round.

Champions Celebrate their Race with Champagne

VIP guests gathered this weekend to enjoy and appreciate both watchmaking and automobile mechanical excellence. The Lamborghini lounge was filled with friends and family, who after the past 4 rounds across Asia, have formed a unique closeness drawn from the passionate cheering, devoted support and extreme fun that has underlined each round throughout this season. Guests immersed themselves in the Lamborghini brand through a rich assortment of Italian cuisine and an exclusive environment where they enjoyed the calmer qualities of Lamborghini luxury. Among the Blancpain collections, guests discovered the L-evolution line, a collection that reflects Blancpain’s most dynamic and avant-garde facets. These models distinguish themselves by their innovative movements combining cutting-edge technologies and respect for the time-honored art of watchmaking. The modular construction of the L-evolution cases has been specially designed to offer exceptional flexibility in the choice and combination of materials and finishes. The imposing and robust L-evolution timepieces catch and draw the gaze into the depths of their layered dials. Moreover, the new models, celebrating the strong ties between Blancpain and the world of motorsports, are quite logically part of the brand’s most provocative line, christened L-evolution R.

Also this weekend, more thrills were brought to the Shanghai International Circuit with the 2013 Sports Car Champions Festival. At this event, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 and Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo 2013 joined other car models in a sports car experience which drew a brilliant spectacle of racing heritage on this outstanding circuit.

After an exciting 5th round, the final chase for victory is almost in sight. The competition for gentlemen drivers reaches a whole new level as they prepare to race the grand finale on the most challenging track yet, during one of the world’s most celebrated motor-racing events: the Macau Grand prix. As Macau hosts the Super Trofeo Asia Series for the first time ever, the Guia Circuit is the next venue for the ultimate lifestyle experience, before champions make their way to Rome for the world final of the Super Trofeo. With tight corners and bumpy and narrow surfacing, the final of the Super Trofeo Asia Series 2013 will culminate in a true test of confidence and control as drivers compete under the spectacle of global motor racing.