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29.07.2012 / Raceweekends

24H of Spa | The Race | 24 pictures


From Saturday July 28th 4pm to Sunday July 29th 4pm, discover our "photo of the hour". 1 Race, 24 hours, 24 pictures.

Photo 24/24 | Elapsed Time: 24:00
The Total 24H of Spa Francorchamps 2012 is over. Fantastic performance for the team Blancpain - Reiter Engineering finishing in 6th position in the Pro-Am Class, 11th in the Overall. Pilots from left to right: Albert Von Thurn und Taxis (DE), Peter Kox (NL), Jos Menten (NL) & Marc A. Hayek (CH).

Photo 23/24 | Elapsed Time: 22h30
Team Blancpain - Reiter stepped up in 13th position. Marc A. Hayek will be soon taking his last shift for the final hour.

Photo 22/24 | Elapsed Time: 21h30
Jos Menten (NL) is on track for Team Blancpain - Reiter Engineering, still holding 14th position.

Photo 21/24 | Elapsed Time: 20h10
While team Blancpain - Reiter stands in 14th position, VIP guests are racing aswell on the unique Blancpain race simulator.

Photo 20/24 | Elapsed Time: 19h30
Team Blancpain - Reiter catching up 15th position. 4h30 hours to go.

Photo 19/24 | Elapsed Time: 18h30
Timekeepers at the Swiss Timing office working continually to ensure perfect accuracy.

Photo 18/24 | Elapsed Time: 17h00
7 hours from finish line, the Team Blancpain - Reiter Engineering holds 19th position.

Photo 17/24 | Elapsed Time: 16h30
Coffee time at the Blancpain Village.

Picture 16/24 | Elapsed Time: 15h01
The beginning of the hour sees the Lamborghini N°24 limp into the pit lane with a front left tyre problem. After receiving hasty repairs it was on its way again with Marc A Hayek at the wheel in 20th place. 

Picture 15/24 | Elapsed Time: 14h50
At 6.50am race director declares daylight official. Thanks to a solid work at night, team Blancpain - Reiter Engineering managed to win 7 positions and is now ranked 12th. 

Picture 14/24 | Elapsed Time: 13h00
Morning light appears on the track as the laps count hits 270. A safety car procedure brings cars back together.


Picture 13/24 | Elapsed time: 12h00
First half of the race has been done, more than 200 laps completed.

Picture 12/24 | Elapsed time: 11h00
Racing through the night.

Pictures 11/24 | Elapsed Time: 10h05
After performing on the main stage, Maxi Jazz (Faithless) gives a private DJ set at the VIP party on the rooftop.


Picture 10/24 | Elapsed Time: 09h00
Peter Kox currently holds the 19th position.

Picture 09/24 | Elapsed Time: 08h00
After a major tire problem forcing them to stop in the pits, T
eam Blancpain - Reiter Engineering  dropped from 1st to 19th place.  

Picture 08/24 | Elapsed Time: 07h05
Faithless live at the official party. Meanwhile on track, Albert Von Thurn und Taxis is holding 1st place for team Blancpain - Reiter Engineering. 

Picture 07/24 | Elapsed Time: 06h01
Team Blancpain - Reiter Engineering is leading the race. Amazing performance by all the team.

Picture 06/24 | Elapsed Time: 05h07
Lights are on, the darkness is slowly setting in and the teams are ready to race trough the night. Team Blancpain - Reiter Engineering with Jos Menten (NL) is now standing in 2nd position.


Picture 05/24 | Elapsed Time: 04h01
The Blancpain VIP village is full of guests and Maxi Jazz, lead vocalist of Faithless makes the honor of a visit before his performance at the official party. Meanwhile on track, Marc A. Hayek holds 6th position.

Picture 04/24 | Elapsed Time: 03h03
After the first shift of Peter Kox, Marc A. Hayek is now behind the wheel and has to deal with a wet track. Many changes in the rankings but the Lamborghini N°24 resists and stays in 5th position.

Picture 03/24 | Elapsed Time: 02h01
Heavy rainfalls gets many teams in trouble. Staying on track becomes a real challenge.

Picture 02/24 | Elapsed Time: 01h52
The N°24 is currently in 4th place. The first driver change is about to be made.

Picture 01/24 | Elapsed Time: 00h01
Fantastic start for team Blancpain - Reiter Engineering stepping from 7th up to 5th position.