The world of the brand

True to its values, Blancpain regularly joins forces with partners who share the company’s passion for excellence. 

Whether in the realms of motor sport, the open sea or gastronomy and lifestyle, the Manufacture is proud of these partnerships, which represent far more than mere co-branding. On the contrary, Blancpain participates to the full with its partners in a spirit of seeking new challenges and giving credit for creativity and authenticity.

The World of Motor Sport

For more than eight years of involvement in motor sport, Blancpain has unremittingly strengthened its presence in this compelling activity.

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The World of the Open Sea

Since 1953, Blancpain has accompanied exploration under the sea in its greatest challenges. A union that makes plain our true passion for this realm and goes far beyond the performance of our timepieces dedicated to sea diving.

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The Art of Living

The pursuit of excellence, know-how, precision, passionate and meticulous manual dexterity – these are all values that Blancpain shares with the world of gourmet food.

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