A word from Marc Hayek

Blancpain’s DNA: a long-term vision

At Blancpain, the world’s oldest watchmaking brand, one of our commitments is to sustain traditional watchmaking. This implies passing on craftsmanship expertise from one generation to the next. It is thus crucial to ensure its survival by investing in human resources as well as in production facilities. This approach is our strength and the expression of our long-term vision, even though it goes against the tide of a certain tendency to seek immediate profit..

Perpetuating the watchmaking tradition also implies thorough knowledge of our origins and strengthening our roots, as well as innovation. Because innovation is another watchmaking tradition, as demonstrated by the countless complications invented over the years by men and women driven by creative curiosity..

Today, our sector is going through a fascinating period that is fundamentally transforming the construction, the functions and the reliability of timepieces. It is a kind of turning point for watchmaking, and we are delighted to be among the front-runners. Rolling back the boundaries of possibility, experiencing real emotions, paying attention to the smallest details: all these are factors that motivate us to push ahead in our pursuit of excellence..

Over the last seven years, our Manufacture has launched twenty-six new calibres, testimony to the remarkable creative spirit of our personnel. Whether destined for the first Traditional Chinese Calendar wristwatch, a Split-Seconds Flyback Chronograph or the Carrousel Minute Repeater with automata, every component of our movements, even if hidden, is hand-decorated by our artist engravers employing traditional skills..

Thus, each of our new models makes reference to the past as much as to the future, to tradition as much as to innovation..

Marc A. Hayek

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