Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Blancpain catalogue?

To get the Blancpain catalogue you can either ask your authorised Blancpain retailer for a copy or you can directly download one link.

Does this site show all Blancpain watches?

Yes, this site shows all watches of our current collection except one-off commissions like the erotic minute repeater for example.

How can I be sure my watch is a genuine Blancpain?

We will be happy to examine your watch to determine whether it is genuine or not. Please contact us.

As a journalist, where can I find information on Blancpain

There is a specific area specific area reserved exclusively for journalists on our website. Just contact us there and you will be provided with a password giving you full access to the "Press room".

Is a Blancpain watch designed to be passed from one generation to the next

Every Blancpain is destined to be handed down as a precious heirloom from one generation to another. Providing maintenance is carried out regularly, your watch will always remain an instrument of high precision and beauty.

What is a masterpiece

A masterpiece is a watchmaking complication (e.g. Tourbillon) you need to be able to construct in order to be recognised as a master watchmaker.

What should I do to ensure that my watch continues to provide excellent service

Your Blancpain watch is a mechanical instrument of very high precision and technology. When manipulating it, it is absolutely necessary to respect the instructions given in the manual. Like a car, it will be affected by non-use and must be serviced regularly. It is self-evident that one should avoid shocks to the wrist, as for example whilst playing golf or volleyball.

What are the service intervals

For water-resistant watches, a water-resistance check every year is the best guarantee against "accidental drowning". A complete service is recommended every 4 to 5 years; this period may be extended if the water-resistance checks are regularly carried out.

Why does a watch need regular servicing

The maintenance cycle of a mechanical watch is more frequent due to the great number of points that require oiling. The fact that there are more oiling points increases the risk that the oil may dry out in one or more places, causing friction and reducing the water-resistance of your watch.

What does a full service include

A full service includes the following: opening of the case, disassembling the case, disassembling the dial and hands, complete disassembling of the movement, cleaning of the case and bracelet (if metallic), complete cleaning of the movement, polishing of the case and metallic bracelet, replacement of worn movement components, reassembly, lubrication, placing the movement in the case (except for the 1735 whose movement is built in the case), assembling the dial and hands, water–resistance test (if applicable) and final quality control. If needed, spare-parts are changed (crown, glass, push-pieces etc.).

Where can I have my Blancpain watch serviced or repaired?

Each authorised Blancpain retailer is competent to receive your watch. The latter will then be sent to our nearest Blancpain Technical Centre, which will prevent problems related to customs, insurance etc. To obtain the list of authorised retailers, please consult the ‘’Retailers’’ page.

Does each watchmaker create his own tools

Every watchmaker generally has his own personal set of self-made tools that he uses throughout his entire career. For any insolvable problem, he must be capable of creating a new tool that will achieve the desired purpose.

Where are the watchmakers trained? How long does their training last

2 training courses for watchmakers are to be noted. The first one lasts 3 years in a specialised school or in a firm that trains microelectronic watchmakers, formerly practitioners. The second one includes a further supplementary year to train service watchmakers. This supplementary year corresponds to a training on complicated mechanical pieces as well as on pendulum systems. It also covers the considerations and strategies necessary to open one's own business. Concerning the more sophisticated watchmaking, several years of experience are required to qualify for the title of master watchmaker.

Does the watchmaker’s magnifying glass harm the eyes

No, as the magnifying glass one wears constantly prevents eye fatigue. The stronger ones, used for very precise work, are only used occasionally.

What are the ergonomics of a watchmaker’s workstation

In principle the watchmaker works at his bench with his hands level with his shoulders, which permits him to keep a straight back.

Why does the date on most Blancpain watches change over a long period of time

3 systems are to be noted. Instantaneous, semi-instantaneous and dragging. The coupling force on the watch barrel is different for each system. The semi-instantaneous and the dragging spread the force over several hours, contrarily to the instantaneous.

What should I do to ensure that my watch remains water-resistant

Have it checked once a year.

What are the characteristics of a sapphire crystal glass

A sapphire crystal glass can only be scratched by diamonds.

How long does it take to create a 1735

A 1735 requires nearly one year of effort. 2 months are necessary to prepare the watch’s 740 components (i.e. the angling and polishing). The watchmaker then provisionally assembles the 6 complications directly in the case. Once the 6 complications are synchronised, the watchmaker disassembles the timepiece to finish the components. When all the components are polished and angled according to the rules of the art, the movement is reassembled. Lastly, the watch is resubmitted to all the necessary tests before it can be delivered to the client.

What is a balance-spring?

A balance-spring is a small spring fixed to the balance that regulates the timing of the watch.

What is a Tourbillon?

The tourbillon device guarantees optimum precision by compensating performance deviations caused by gravity.

What is the luminescent substance used in my watch?

Super-LumiNova, a non-radioactive substance.

What is the difference between a self-winding and a manual-winding movement?

An automatic watch rewinds itself if the watch is worn whereas a non-automatic watch must be wound manually.

If I take my watch off over night, do I need to wind it

No, but a hand-wound watch should be wound daily at regular intervals.

Where can I purchase a Blancpain watch?

No Blancpain watches are sold over the Internet. You will have to contact one of our authorised retailers. They will be pleased to give you further information regarding the prices and models available.

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