New world record for freediver and Blancpain ambassador Gianluca Genoni


After official verification of the length of the rope, supervised by the notary public of Rapallo, Gianluca Genoni, equipped with his faithful 500 Fathoms, set off to establish a new record in the depths of the Mediterranean. On the morning of September 28th, propelled by an electric scooter, he came up several minutes later, holding a tag testifying to the fact that he had reached 160 metres.

The ceremonial began in the port, between Gianluca Genoni and the notary public of Rapallo. The town’s official seal was placed at the start of the rope, and the latter was then meticulously measured to mark the statutory 160 metres. A blend of concentration and relaxation was the order of the day aboard the boat, leading up to the moment when Genoni dived into the water after casting a last glance at his watch. Water-resistant to 1000 metres, his 500 Fathoms is equipped with a decompression valve and ensures excellent readability even in the darkest depths. It took just 3:41 minutes for his Suex Xk1 scooter to take him down to pick up the famous tag, before returning him to the surface.

Surpassing limits: such is the ambition shared by Blancpain and Genoni. Following the path leading to the setting of a new record or the development of a new calibre is a daily mission. Genoni fulfilled his dream when he set a first record in 1996 by descending to 106 metres in the variable weight discipline. To date, the Italian freediver has established more than 18 records; while over the past seven years, the Manufacture in Le Brassus has developed no less than 22 calibres – thereby testifying to the same incessant quest for new challenges!