In memory of Joël Robuchon, a long-standing friend and virtuoso of fine cuisine


It is with deeply felt sadness that Blancpain and its President & CEO, Marc A. Hayek, learned of the death of their long-standing friend and French gastronomical virtuoso, Joël Robuchon. With unlimited generosity, Mr. Robuchon has shared his extraordinary talent with us for more than 30 years. His insistence on exactitude and his visionary outlook gave rise to a culinary excellence that was constantly reimagined while respecting traditional values. These values, shared by Blancpain, led to a true friendship. Today, our thoughts go out to this great man; a genius at his art who forever influenced the world of gastronomy across cultures.

Now, not only one, but 32 well-earned stars shine in the sky.


Blancpain, watchmaker of haute cuisine

For more than 30 years, the Blancpain Manufacture has enjoyed a special relationship with some of the world’s greatest chefs. It started in 1986 when the brand presented Frédy Girardet with a specially engraved watch as winner of the ‘World’s Best Chef” award. This was long before fine dining reached its current status and popularity. Three years later, Blancpain reiteratedits commitment when Girardet, Paul Bocuse and Joël Robuchon were named ‘Chefs of the Century’ by the famous Gault & Millau restaurant guide. The brand honoured their achievement by presenting them with engraved watches commemorating the occasion. The event marked the start of a long friendship between Blancpain and Chef Joël Robuchon, who admitted to a particular affinity for the Manufacture’s watchmaking art because it resonated with the principles he applied in his kitchens. He often referred to a shared vision: “I had the opportunity of getting a closer look at the work of master-watchmakers during my visit to the Manufacture Blancpain. I saw the precision with which they work and the care they devote to their art and I understood the pride that we – chefs and watchmakers – take in producing our creations.

Over the years, Blancpain’s circle of friends has continued to grow and now includes new names on the international gastronomy scene, including Spanish chefs Martín Berasategui and Dani García,as well as Holger Bodendorf from Germany, all of whom have been awarded stars in the Michelin Guide. The Manufacture Blancpain also partners prestigious hotels such as those belonging to Relais & Châteaux and Leading Hotels of the World.      

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