Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo North America opening weekend

The first round saw the victory of Al Carter (# 80) from Palm Beach in the PRO-AM category, who lead from pole position in the rolling start today, and Damon Okey (# 88) in the AM category. The 2013 world champions Andrew Palmer started in the fourth place in the second round today but after just 3 laps he jumped at the first place followed by Al Carter and Kevin Conway. Andrew Palmer started to gain about half a second lap after lap until the end of the lap 9 when he came in for the mandatory pit stop together with Kevin Conway and Doug Peterson, who passed John Farano and was running in fourth position. Meanwhile Al Carter decided to postpone his pit stop to the following lap.After the pit stops Kevin Conway gained the second position overtaking Al Carter. Meanwhile, leading the Amateurs drivers was Damon Ockey. Then between the laps 12 and 13 both Al Carter and Kevin Conway were required to enter pit lane for a drive through penalty. This permitted to Andrew Palmer to increase his lead by over 1 minute which he held for most of the remainder of the race.In the final laps it looked as though the top three of Conway, Farano and Palmer had secured the podium but due to a 60 second penalty that Palmer received post-race he was bumped to fifth overall.This was due to his failure to respect the required pit stop penalty he received for jumping the start of the race. Following a technical from driver Al Carter the safety car came out and allowed the pack to tighten up. Once the safety car left the track the white flag dropped and the drivers fiercely battled during the final lap. The PROAM class was led by Kevin Conway of Change Racing and Lamborghini Carolinas taking first followed by John Farano of Lamborghini Dallas in second and the team of Kevin O’Connell and Carlos Contreras of Rick Ware Racing and Lamborghini Houston taking third.Damon Ockey of Lamborghini Vancouver took first place in the Amateur class followed by drivers Lance Fenton and Scott Monroe of Lamborghini Toronto and Brett David of Lamborghini Miami. This podium was a spectacular result for Brett considering that Sebring was his racing debut. As the dealer principal of Lamborghini Miami, David dedicated his podium to his father.

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