Hayek Wins GT Masters Title with Lamborghini


ADAC GT Masters Hockenheimring (DEU) September 30th – October 2nd, 2011
Hayek Wins GT Masters Title with Lamborghini

Enjoying the sunny autumn weather with temperatures around 26°C during the final races of the ADAC GT Masters season, 33,200 spectators saw Swiss pilot Marc A. Hayek win the 2011 Amateur Championship title in a starting field of about 38 dream sports cars.

The Swiss has been sharing a Team Reiter Engineering Lamborghini Gallardo LP600+ with Dutch Peter Kox since the beginning of the season and was able to win several places on the podium with his excellent performance. Before the last racing weekend at the Hockenheimring the fight for the title had become even more exciting. Hayek arrived at the circuit leading the amateur class with 207 points, 12 points ahead of Oliver Mayer (DEU). German Sven Dolenc was in the third place with 186 points at that point in time.

Having driven at the Hockenheimring before, Marc A. Hayek was able to focus on optimising his driving style and finding the right setup for the car in the free practice sessions on Friday. In the qualifying session in the late afternoon he showed a phenomenal performance, setting the best time in the amateur class and leaving several professional drivers behind him. He placed his Lambo in the eighth row, just 1.15 seconds behind the fastest driver in the field. In the second qualifying session Peter Kox placed the Lambo in P3 in the second row. Both places were good starting positions for the fight for the championship title.

Hayek had prepared a strategy without risks for the first race on Saturday in order to avoid damaging his Gallardo. After starting the race from P15 the first lap did not go well causing him to lose a few places. After the first half of the race he brought the car in for the mandatory pit stop. The team did an excellent and fast job and Peter Kox took over. Shortly after, he and Sebastian Asch in the Porsche got in each other’s way and made contact whereupon Asch was forced to retire. Kox continued to drive with the slightly damaged car but was not able to win places under these conditions. In the end, a tyre was severely damaged and the car was towed away. Nevertheless, team Hayek/Kox won 12 points (4th place) in the amateur class.

After a good start in the second race on Sunday Peter Kox had reached the third place in the fourth lap and defended it until the driver change. Hayek took over and kept his nerve. Constantly having contact with the team he received information about the competitors who were also fighting for the title. Therefore he was able to control his stint very well and finished the race as the 2011 ADAC GT Masters Amateur Class Champion.

Marc A. Hayek:
“I realised in the free practice sessions that the car was working fine which was confirmed in my qualifying session. I performed well and reached a good position. Peter reached P3 for the second race. Both races went well and in the crucial second race on Sunday I did not risk anything in order to be able to win the championship.

I am very happy that I won and want to thank Peter (Kox). Without him it would not have been possible for me. I would also like to thank Hans Reiter’s team. They did a phenomenal job throughout the season. I have already decided that I will compete in the ADAC GT Masters with Reiter Engineering and Peter (Kox) again next year.”

Peter Kox:
“Marc did a phenomenal job this weekend and he was rewarded with the championship title. He did everything right in the most important race today as well as throughout the year. Congratulations! It was a great season and I hope that we continue to race together!”

Hans Reiter, team principal Reiter Engineering:
“Marc (Hayek) and Peter (Kox) have done everything right. It was a phenomenal season and Marc (Hayek) deserves the championship title. He did a perfect job this weekend and was very fast. In the qualifying session he was just over a second behind the fastest pilot. It would be great if we could continue with Marc (Hayek) and Peter (Kox) next year.”