Blancpain hosts an exclusive reception to acknowledge Oceans, an underwater photography exhibition at the United Nations


On July 10th, friends of Blancpain, special guests of and the National Geographic Society gathered for an evening reception in the exhibit gallery of the United Nations in New York to acknowledge Oceans, an underwater photography exhibition.

The opening ceremony included remarks by Mr. Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal, United Nations Under- Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information and Master of Ceremonies; Ms. Patricia O’Brien, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs, The Legal Counsel; Mr. Adam Bossi, Blancpain US Brand Manager; Mr. Alain Delamuraz Blancpain Vice-President and Head of marketing and Dr. Enric Sala, National Geographic In-Residence Explorer for the Pristine Seas Expeditions with Blancpain.

Matthew Weiss, Enric Sala, Alain Delamuraz, Adam Bossi, Patricia O'Brien & Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal

The exhibition highlights the ecological and economic importance of healthy oceans and the need to protect their fragile ecology and submarine life. Oceans invites the public to study, respect, and protect our oceans for future generations. Speaking about the importance of observing World Oceans Day, for which the United Nations General Assembly in 2008 designated June 8, Ms. Patricia O’Brien explained that “the theme of World Oceans Day chosen for 2013 is “oceans and people”, to highlight the important role oceans play in our lives. The oceans and seas provide us with food, minerals, employment, tourism, transport possibilities, energy sources and potentially much more.”

Blancpain’s commitment to the underwater world dates from the creation of the Fifty Fathoms watch in 1953. As Alain Delamuraz said, "Blancpain contributed to the discovery of the ocean and to our knowledge of the underwater world. Today, Blancpain continues its commitment by supporting scientific and conservation projects around the globe such as the Pristine Seas Expedition conducted by National Geographic explorer Enric Sala and his team." The oldest watch brand in the world wishes also to thank the sixteen photographers related to Edition Fifty Fathoms whose work is featured in the Oceans exhibit. Their generosity and their passion for the underwater universe made this exhibition possible.

Additional to the photographers, videos from National Geographic and Projet Gombessa from Laurent Ballesta were displayed. Conscious that no organization alone can achieve the desired positive change in ocean protection, today, by the side of the National Geographic Society, Blancpain fully supports the Pristine Seas Expeditions. This program explores, survey, and helps protect some of the last healthy, untouched places in the ocean. Dr. Enric Sala shared his personal experiences encountered during the last explorations. "The last pristine places in the ocean can show us what we have lost, but also point to what the future of the ocean could be like."

Blancpain once again helps increase the number of people knowing about and feeling concerned by this fascinating underwater universe.