Blancpain hosts an exceptional cocktail in the Shuvalov Palace, St. Petersburg


In early December, the world’s oldest watch brand invited its guests to enjoy a cocktail at Shuvalov Palace in St. Petersburg, as well as a private tour of the current exhibition on show titled “Modigliani, Sutin and other legends of Montparnasse”.

Also known as the Fabergé Museum, the Shuvalov Palace features a neoclassical style that provided the perfect setting in which to introduce guests to the latest models from the brand. The gentlemen present were naturally drawn to the technical perfection and consummate functions of the legendary Fifty Fathoms collection and enjoyed a chance to admire the Fifty Fathoms Tribute to MIL-SPEC, launched at Baselworld this year. This timepiece issued in a 500-piece limited series is a re-edition of a 1950s model, equipped with a circular water-tightness indicator. Meanwhile, ladies were impressed by the new Villeret Date Moon Phases watch, featuring a bezel adorned with 48 diamonds and sold with a kit of five interchangeable straps designed to delight even the most fashion-conscious women. Finally, among the new releases on show, guests were treated to a close-up view of the Villeret 8 Day Large Date Week Indication. This model combining horological complications with undeniable elegance drew all eyes. A full fired enamel dial, under-lug correctors: this creation admirably reflects the values of the Manufacture, based on showcasing watchmaking traditions through innovation.


Guests were able to appreciate this work of art in parallel with the artworks surrounding them, since they were offered a private tour of the “Modigliani, Sutin and other legends of Montparnasse” exhibition, as well as the various luxurious rooms of the Shuvalov Palace, housing prestigious and often little-known collections.

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