The movement parade

Throughout its rich history, Blancpain has been conspicuous by its capacity to develop outstanding movements that have left their mark on their epoch. Over the last six years, the Manufacture of Le Brassus has displayed a remarkable spirit of creativity and has launched eighteen new watch calibres, used in the finest creations in its collections. An exhibition of skill and inventiveness dedicated to the inner beauty of the watch.


As a crowning glory, these new calibres, fruits of the pursuit of simplicity, accuracy and performance, are embellished with refined finishes. Blancpain thus strengthens its image as a Manufacture of Haute Horlogerie, at once supremely mastering complications and ensuring progress in the art of watchmaking in its smallest details.

>> Main movements

It is men and women who give life to a fine watchmaking timepiece. Working together in the Blancpain Manufacture, these craftspeople, with their cutting-edge expertise, produce every watch in its entirety, from initial design to assembly.

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