Metier D'art Blancpain

The Métiers d'Art collection

Ancestral artisanal practices

If the excellence of a Blancpain watch is determined by its technical aspects and its reliability, it also depends on its degree of finish, a distinctive feature of haute horlogerie. Finishing and decorating techniques draw on a tradition of craftsmanship and ancestral know-how. Our artisans use stones, files, burnishers, buffs and abrasive papers to achieve fine finishes, even on components hidden from view. This type of work, like everything connected with watchmaking, demands dexterity and infinite patience.

The art of arousing emotion

The range of manual finishing and decorating techniques practised by Blancpain is vast and represents a long-standing watchmaking heritage. The resulting aesthetic and technical perfection stirs the emotions. Every one of the unique components is meticulously finished in our Le Brassus decorating and engraving workshops. This is where our artisans pay tribute to their art and perpetuate the techniques and expertise developed by their distant ancestors.

The components that come out of the decorating and engraving workshops are exquisite to behold and bear the stamps of their artists.

Marc A. Hayek, President & CEO


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