The Manufacture

It is men and women who give life to a fine watchmaking timepiece. Working together in the Blancpain Manufacture, these craftspeople, with their cutting-edge expertise, produce every watch in its entirety, from initial design to assembly.




Blancpain ceaselessly perfects its watches, while remaining faithful to its centuries-old heritage. This complete mastery of the manufacturing process permits total freedom in the creation of movements that always abide by the aesthetic codes of the brand.

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Blancpain produces a high proportion of the components of their movements in-house. This capability ensures the quality of its watches and its creative freedom.

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Applied arts

Once the components have been made, our decoration and engraving workshops take on the task of giving them character. These refined finishes are the distinguishing mark of fine watchmaking.

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Every Blancpain watch is assembled entirely by hand in our workshops by a single watchmaker, respecting the tradition of the watchmaker's craft.

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Manufacturing sites

Blancpain watches come into being in the heart of the Joux valley, the cradle of Swiss watchmaking.

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