Watch Complications

Opinions are divided when it come to defining what makes a watch complication. The usual definition is that any indication beyond hours, minutes and seconds is a complication. However, automatic winding mechanisms or devices for cancelling out rate disparities in vertical positions, such as the tourbillon and the carrousel, should also be included, even though they don’t display an indication. This section contains information on the practicality, workings and technical challenges of Blancpain’s watch complications.

Watch brands capable of presenting such highly complex models are few and far between, and even those that develop these movements in-house are an even rarer species.
This grand complication is a premiere in the history of watchmaking, combining a one-minute flying carrousel and a minute repeater with cathedral chimes.
For the first time in horological history, Blancpain introduces a wristwatch combining these two regulators.
Designed to counteract the perturbations induced by gravity on the accuracy of watches, the carrousel is a rare and fascinating complication. Blancpain has revived this device and incorporated it into a wristwatch for the first time.
A natural combination of complications associating the tourbillon with the eminently practical character of the perpetual calendar.
The complication that counteracts the effects of gravity to improve the accuracy of watches. An opening in the dial allows you to admire this mechanism as it rotates.
This new complication, already patented in 2007 and slightly modified since, is the result of more than two years’ work by the Blancpain R&D teams.
A complex mechanism in this masterpiece of the watchmaker’s art makes it possible to tell the time by listening instead of looking.
In 2012, Blancpain presented the first wristwatch ever to feature a traditional Chinese calendar.
The perpetual calendar watch has a mechanical memory programmed for times to come. It will show the correct date for a whole century without any manual correction.
In the history of fine watchmaking, perhaps the most mystical and precious complication of all has been the equation of time.
The X Fathoms revisits the characteristics of its iconic 1953 ancestor, and combines them with a mechanical depth gauge to create the most high-performance mechanical diving watch ever produced.
Ideal for comparing the performances of two competitors during a race, this watch can measure two time intervals at once.
The flyback chronograph, which measures a succession of elapsed times, eliminates many superfluous repetitive operations.
A watch equipped with a chronograph can measure time intervals, for example a sporting performance.
This most useful complication is the ideal companion for the globe-trotter. Incorporated in a wristwatch, practical when on a journey, it sounds at a preset time.
This very useful complication takes account of the number of days in the month. It is capable of recognising a 30-day month without manual intervention.
This practical complication indicates the date, day of the weeks and the month. The changing face of the moon reproduced on the dial adds a poetic note.
Perfectly adapted to the constraints of modern life, this useful complication indicates the week of the year.
Elegant and practical, this complication displays the date in large figures appearing in two apertures.
The reproduction of the lunar cycles on the dials of Blancpain complete calendar watches evokes the time-honoured ties between watchmaking and astronomy.
This complication serves to adjust the second timezone on the watch in 30-minute increments and thus to ensure relaxed travel to countries with half-hour time differences.
A creation of traditional watchmaking adapted to the conditions of life on the move. This complication, designed for frequent travellers, displays two time zones on the same dial.
A marriage of technical refinement and aesthetic purity, Blancpain’s ultra-slim watch is set apart by its elegance and the technical accomplishments needed to create it.

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