Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar

A natural combination of complications

associating the tourbillon with the eminently

practical character of the perpetual calendar.

What better complement for a tourbillon, which uses rotation to counteract the effects of gravitation to increase a watch’s accuracy, than a perpetual calendar capable of indicating the day, month and date without manual correction, even in leap years?

To make such a movement the watchmakers of the Blancpain Manufacture were faced with the difficulty of integrating a perpetual calendar mechanism – with its complex system of cams and wheels to be placed under the dial – alongside the flying tourbillon system, which had to remain visible through an opening in the dial. Their efforts to combine these various components in a balanced way were rewarded by the beauty and harmonious look of the finished piece.

In 2000, Blancpain was the first watch brand to bring out a self-winding wristwatch with tourbillon and perpetual calendar and an 8-day power reserve. The Brassus Manufacture thus overcame the major shortcoming of timepieces incorporating these two complications, namely their manual winding. For, since it was hard to imagine anyone wearing such a refined watch every day, its owner would be obliged to reset the complex calendar mechanism each time he reset the time.

Even when the perpetual calendar automatic tourbillon is not being worn, the simplest solution is to put the watch inside a rotating case for it to carry on working. In this way the owner can be sure that his calendar is always up to date and the watch ready to be worn.

Key models Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar


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