Large Date

Elegant and practical, this complication

displays the date in large figures appearing

in two apertures. The large date watch shows

the date at a glance with its comfortably

legible display.

A combination of two discs makes up the date, which is visible in two wide apertures placed side by side. The first disc shows the tens, and bears the figures from 0 to 3, while the second shows the units, from 0 to 9. This complication demands perfect synchronisation between the two discs.

The watchmakers of the Le Brassus Manufacture had several objectives: to enhance date legibility through a larger display with an instantaneous date change at midnight, to obtain optimum mechanical efficiency, so as to conserve the power reserve, and to limit themselves to the minimum depth possible, avoiding any undesired increase in the thickness of the movement. The result is an ingenious large-date mechanism, with built-in shock protection.


Key models Large Date


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