Flyback Chronograph

The flyback chronograph, which measures

a succession of elapsed times, eliminates

many superfluous repetitive operations.

On ordinary chronographs, the buttons must be pressed three times in succession to measure successive intervals: once to stop the chronograph, once to reset it to zero, once to start again.

With the flyback function, pressing the “flyback” button once stops timing the first interval and resets the hand to zero. The chronograph hand starts again the instant the button is released.  For a long time, this sophisticated function was the exclusive preserve of men. Blancpain was the first brand to incorporate it in a ladies' timepiece.

Appreciated by pilots for the time it saves, this complication is particularly suitable for flying and navigation, but also for undersea diving. Blancpain flyback chronograph watches are also water-resistant and operational at pressures of up to 10 bar, or even 30 bar for models in the Fifty Fathoms collection.

Key models Flyback Chronograph


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