The Brand

A tradition of innovation


Whether in improving complications, designs and production methods or in conquering new horizons, it has always been the ambition of the Manufacture to take the watchmaker's art to places it has never been before. Thus, from the very first pieces created in the 18th century to the prestige timepieces of today, the brand has built up a true tradition of innovation.
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The Manufacture

It is men and women who give life to a fine watchmaking timepiece. Working together in the Blancpain Manufacture, these craftspeople, with their cutting-edge expertise, produce every watch in its entirety, from initial design to assembly.
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In every one of our boutiques around the world, you will find the same passion that inspires our watchmaker craftsmen.
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A word from Marc A.Hayek

Blancpain’s DNA: a long-term vision
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