Blancpain – a pioneer in the history of feminine watchmaking

Blancpain - Betty Fiechter

Blancpain celebrates its feminine watchmaking heritage

When it comes to feminine watches, Blancpain is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Convinced that women appreciate the expertise and magic of mechanical watches, Blancpain has played a pioneering role in the history of women’s timepieces, testified by the major advances introduced by the Manufacture since 1930 up to this day. 

With her determination and visionary spirit, Betty Fiechter met the challenge of becoming the first woman CEO and owner of a Swiss watchmaking company in 1933. She persevered in spite of the Great Depression, taking a  number of decisions that show just how prosperous her dynamic policy was. She paved the way for the creation of jewelry watches at Blancpain, contributing to the Manufacture’s international reputation. 

Roll Blancpain vintage watch

The Rolls

In 1930, Blancpain created the world’s first automatic women’s wristwatch under the name of Rolls. To fit the narrow feminine shape of this timepiece, Blancpain managed to design a 15-jewel self-winding movement, along with an ingenious sliding system to wind the mechanism. An ultra-compact feat that has become today a sought-after collector’s watch.

The Ladybird

The Ladybird followed in 1956, equipped with the smallest round movement ever conceived at the time. Great creativity and ingenuity were required of Blancpain’s watchmakers to miniaturize the components of a mechanical watch to suit the trends of the times. The results amply rewarded their labors as the Ladybird was a sensation upon its introduction. 

Blancpain 3 graces - ladybird

Moon Phases

In the early 1980s, Blancpain instigated a real renaissance of traditional watchmaking by updating a wide range of complications. Among them, the moon phase indication was to play a very special role. It became a signature of the Manufacture while gradually becoming distinctive thanks to the smiling face of its moon. Also, since the Women collection was launched in 2006, all the ladies’ Moon Phase models feature a female face adorned with a star-shaped beauty mark ! 

Blancpain feminine moonphase
Blancpain feminine moonphase movement
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