Every Blancpain watch is assembled entirely by hand in our workshops by a single watchmaker, respecting the tradition of the watchmaker’s craft.

The assembly of a watch is a process in which every move has to be perfect: not the slightest shortcoming can be tolerated at any stage. The watchmakers start by assembling and regulating the movement, before equipping it with a dial, hands, a case and a strap or bracelet.


Assembling the movement

Each movement is assembled one part after another, a task that demands absolute precision. There is no place for a modern production line in the workshops of Le Brassus. Blancpain is one of the few Manufactures where the watchmakers still assemble each movement by hand from beginning to end. Manual assembly of parts that can be as thin as a hair testify to the level of dexterity attained by our craftsmen.

Before the movement is inserted in its case, it has to be lubricated. Every Blancpain movement has over a hundred oiling points, representing a total weight of 0.5 milligrams of lubricant.



Assembling the watch

After the movement is assembled, all the different components of the watch are put together: the dial and hands are fixed, the various functions are regulated, the calibre is cased up and the strap is fitted. Every step requires concentrated attention and the most meticulous care.






Quality inspections

Throughout the assembly process, the craftspeople keep on the lookout for the slightest imperfection, which could mean that the watch has to be scrapped. Once the movement has been fixed in its case, the quality control workshop conducts a further series of tests to check the aesthetic and functional perfection of each watch.

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