The Art of Living

The pursuit of excellence, know-how, precision, passionate and meticulous manual dexterity – these are all values that Blancpain shares with the world of gourmet food.

After a long association with the Bocuse d’Or, the prestigious international gourmet food competition, Blancpain today is partner to the Grandes Tables de Suisse, and numbers many starred chefs among the friends and faithful customers of the brand.
The links between Blancpain and fine dining are the consequence of our firm conviction that there is a clear relation between that world and traditional watchmaking. These links express a shared passion; the exercise of related arts. Passion, emotion, authenticity: there can be no success without these three criteria together.

The watchmaker and the chef nurture a shared passion for craftsmanship and meticulous work, performed in a spirit of authenticity in a never-ending quest for perfection. The quality of a product of fine watchmaking and that of a gastronomically prepared dish both depend on precise adjustments and a harmonious balance between tradition and creativity.

Interpreting our shared philosophy, to innovate while conserving the essential of traditions, Blancpain and starred chef Philippe Rochat present their DVD “Passion for Excellence”, which turns the spotlight onto these creative craftsmen and their points in common, right down to their movements and utensils.

Gastronomy and watchmaking even in the sky

In September 2010, the brand also associated itself with the “SWISS Taste of Switzerland” campaign. For three months, Blancpain boarded the aircraft of the national airline as part of a programme presenting the exceptional products of the gastronomy and watchmaking of the Canton of Vaud.


Blancpain’s close relations with the world’s best hoteliers.

Blancpain’s boutiques also share a concern for agreeable and distinguished service with the world’s best hotels. So it was in the nature of things that Blancpain should take its place as the main watchmaking partner of the great hoteliers. Together with Relais & Châteaux and Leading Hotels of the World, we reward the world’s best establishments each year with the gift of exceptional watches.


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