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Blancpain is committing to a partnership, unique world-wide, with the National Geographic and its Pristine Seas Expeditions projects. This project, combining exploration, research and conservation, aims to discover, study and further the protection of the last remaining healthy and unspoilt areas of our Oceans. Through meticulous study of the operation of ecosystems that have been spared human interference, we can learn how to help healthy reefs to prosper, how to enable reefs in difficulty to recover, and how best to protect the Ocean, which covers two thirds of our planet. Follow this unique project on the Pristine Seas Expedition Logbook:




In just six years of involvement in motorsport, Blancpain has unremittingly strengthened its presence in this compelling field of activity. Partner of Lamborghini and title sponsor of the “Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo” since 2009; official timekeeper of the FIA GT1 Series since 2010 – in 2011 Blancpain took on two important new commitments with the launch of the “Blancpain Endurance Series” and its participation as official partner in the “ADAC GT Masters” championship. In 2013, Blancpain also became a partner of the British GT Championship. 2014 sees a change of direction with the creation of the Blancpain GT Series uniting the Blancpain Endurance Series and the Blancpain Sprint Series under the same banner. Over the years, Blancpain has made a name for itself among car manufacturers, drivers and spectators as a worldwide reference in the field of GT racing.

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