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MARCEL BASTIAANS, Emotional Realism

His whole life revolves around painting these days. He enjoys it immensely and is very successful at it. For Marcel, this enjoyment and his success are inextricably connected!

Marcel refers to his painting style as ‘Emotional Realism’. It is a relatively realistic, figurative approach to a theme, framed in dynamic abstract, often making use of gold leaf as a finish.

His goal is a creative balance and harmony within a flowing field of apparent dynamism. Positive thinking is Marcel’s top priority. His motto says it all: ‘Do what you like doing most, because your strength lies in the things that you like doing most’. Take a look at his website. It will put a smile on your face.


Founded in 1998, D-BOX Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures and commercialises leading-edge motion systems mainly suited for the entertainment and simulation industries. The resulting motion is perfectly synchronized with all onscreen content, creating an unmatched realistic, immersive experience. These systems are found in motor-racing simulators, enabling drivers to train as if they were on the track and to feel the same driving sensations.


Established in 2000, REITER is the only manufacture worldwide of racing and race-look-a-like Lamborghini vehicles. Its core business sectors are the race team division and engineering unit. The company is able to provide a full range of race services and development services for race cars. It coveres the full range of motorsport service from design, development, prototyping, testing and manufacturing.



Tarmac7 proposes to its clients professional dynamics simulators on electrical actuators for rent or for sale. Distributor of the Vésaro / D-box and Ellip6 simulators, Tarmac7 also offers to its customers the possibility to create motorsport simulator centers for professionals and amateurs. The company realises special projects upon request, such as airplanes, helicopters or show cars with the collaboration of the Game Seed development studio.


Vesaro is a British Design and Manufacturing company in England. They design, engineer and build some of the world’s most advanced simulators. Their core product is the world’s only commercial grade modular simulation system, offering unprecedented versatility. In addition to the core Versaro I modular system, Vesaro design and build Flight, Helicopter simulators and Formula body style F1 simulators, making Vesaro a complete solution for entertainment and training needs.