Le Brassus

In the spirit of the 1735, this collection

representing the acme of the watchmaker’s

art reflects Blancpain’s expertise and

innovative strength. Blancpain.

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Le Brassus is where Blancpain’s prize watches first see the light, so it is natural that this hamlet in the Joux Valley should have given its name to a collection encompassing the brand’s most complicated models. Emblems of the high precision mechanics which has made Blancpain’s reputation, these watches are particularly aimed at collectors.

This collection is marked by the series of six centrepieces and above all the creation of the 1735, symbols of Blancpain’s contribution to the strong revival of traditional watchmaking expertise. With its centrepieces, grand complications, discreet aesthetics and precious materials, the Le Brassus collection reflects values firmly rooted in our heritage since its very conception. In the same spirit, the collection is today centred around the Carrousel, an exceptional mechanism reworked and brought into line with today’s tastes by our Manufacture.

In 2008, with the first Carrousel wristwatch in history, Blancpain’s innovation was first of all in its ability to miniaturise this extremely complex mechanism, but also to perfect it by placing its balance wheel in the centre of the carriage and controlling its rotation speed so that it made a complete turn in exactly one minute.

Since then the Le Brassus collection has grown with exceptional pieces in limited series offering new prospects to the Carrousel. For example in 2010, Blancpain brought out the Carrousel Minute Repeater which combined these two complications for the first time in a single watch. Continuing in the same vein, the Manufacture followed up with the self-winding Carrousel Minute Repeater, with or without automata, another speciality of the House.  

With the sober and practical aesthetic which characterises them, Le Brassus watches highlight the internal beauty of their complex and refined movements. Innovative technological leaps combine over the years with traditional design to give shape to some outstanding timepieces.


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