Blancpain Ocean Commitment

Since the 1950’s and the invention of the modern diving equipment, Blancpain is active in the underwater world.

In 1953, Blancpain presented the first modern diving watch offering an indication of the remaining dive time on a rotating bezel. This was a technical achievement completing the diver’s equipment and greatly facilitating diving. With the creation of the Fifty Fathoms, Blancpain contributed to the discovery of the oceans and to our knowledge of the underwater world.

Blancpain continues to innovate in its field, creating exceptional diving watches and unprecedented concept-watches such as the X Fathoms commercialised in 2012.

Blancpain's approach has always been to help as many people as possible to learn about and become familiar with the underwater world. Through Blancpain diving watches, underwater photography exhibitions, and Edition Fifty Fathoms, a collection of books published by Blancpain and featuring the amazing work of some of the best underwater photographers in the world, we serve the mission:

Raise awareness. Transmit our passion. Respect and help protect the ocean

In the last 60 years, the oceans’ situation has changed, but Blancpain constantly renews its efforts and adapts its action in relation to this evolution. Conscious that no organisation alone can achieve the desired positive change, today, by the side of the National Geographic Society, Blancpain fully support the Pristine Seas Expeditions. This program is an exploration, research, and conservation project to explore, survey, and help protect some of the last healthy, untouched places in the ocean.

Thus Blancpain once again helps increase the number of people knowing about and feeling concerned by this fascinating underwater universe.